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Ambient Chillout Mix 3

( ambient / chillout / relaxing / soothing )


01 Paul Schwartz & The Joyful Company of Singers - Misere
02 Conjure One - Center Of The Sun (Solar Stone's Chillout Remix)
03 Claudia Brücken - Unknown Treasure (DJ River Edit)
04 Amethystium - Calantha
05 Blank & Jones - Secrets & Lies (Ambient Mix)
06 Kings of Tomorrow feat. Julie M - Finally (Lenny Ibizarre Mix)
07 Deepak Chopra feat. Demi Moore - Desire
08 Blank & Jones - Relax
09 Bliss - Dunia (DJ River Edit)
10 Brian Eno - First Light (DJ River Edit)
11 Amethystium - Ethereal
12 Mike Oldfield - The Shining Ones
13 Tangerine Dream - Love on a Real Train (Risky Business)
14 Talvin Singh - Disser/Point.Mentoo B (DJ River Edit)

15 Garbage - Milk (Massive Attack D Mix)
16 Brian Eno - Lizard Point

release date: 2004-06-10


Very chilled, relaxing, soothing, and emotional at the same time. Flawless mixing.
Last night I was on the bed listening to your mix I literally cried, thinking about all the problems that I am facing right now. It really touched my heart. Thank you for making me happy at that moment.
Looking forward to listen more from you.
/Kalyan (India)

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