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Ambient Chillout Mix 2

( ambient / chillout / relaxing / soothing )


01 Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard - Now We Are Free
02 Blank & Jones - Le Grand Bleu (Extended Ambient Mix)
03 Hush feat. Andrea Britton (Kartelle) - Sisters Of The Sun
04 Blank & Jones - Heaven (Ambient Mix)
05 Mike Oldfield - Only Time Will Tell
06 Massive Attack - Sly
07 Paul Oakenfold feat. Carla Werner - Southern Sun (Solar Stone After Hours Mix)
08 The Thrillseekers - Escape
09 Amethystium - Avalon
10 Full Intention Presents Shena - I'll Be Waiting (Lux Remix)
11 Delerium - Symbolism

release date: 2003-05-05


Now we can see the imagination evolve into a more complex interweaving of ideas beyond ACM1, setting the stage for 3 and 4.

A beautiful blend, with a very elevated (at times spacey) feel. The cross-fades are astonishingly exquisite. The transitions are simply perfect. The way that you create a continuous, flowing experience through the mix is simply amazing. Thanks once more.
/Patrick (Canada) 

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