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Ambient Chillout Mix 4

( ambient / chillout / relaxing / soothing )


01 Infernal - Sunday Morning March (DJ River Extended)
02 Sarah McLachlan - Angel (Chillout Mix / DJ River Edit)
03 ATB - Autumn Leaves
04 Bliss - Kissing
05 Solar Stone - Seven Cities (Ambient Dub)
06 Chicane - Early
07 Chicane - Already There
08 Capercaillie - M'ionam
09 Blank & Jones - Breezin'
10 Solar Stone - The Calling (Chilled Mix)
11 Ypey - Mellow
12 Vargo - Get Back To Serenity (Beach Mix)
13 Kansai - Remember This Night (Chillout Mix)
14 Brian Eno - An Ending
15 Coldcut - Autumn Leaves (Irresistable Force Remix)
16 Conjure One - Sleep (Solar Stone Afterhours Mix)

release date: 2004-06-10


Well...there is just one word for this mix...unbelievable. I have hundreds and hundreds of mixes, live sets, CDs, you name it...and this is my favorite of them all.
The mixing is flawless, to the point where you don't realize a new track has started until after it has been going for a few minutes.

The song selection is also fantastic, with one outstanding track after another, my favorite being the 3rd track (ATB - Autumn Leaves).
There are some other well known, excellent tracks in here, all fit together perfectly.
Every time I put this mix on, people comment on it and want to know what CD it is. If you like chill tunes and appreciate mixing that is perfection itself, you'll love this mix.
/Eric (USA) 

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