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The Purple Room

( lounge / downtempo / chillout / tranquil )


01 Lazy Action - You Are The Sunshine (Vocal Mix)
02 Stephen Simmonds - Where Is My Love
03 Laid Back - Blue Lagoon
04 Dark Suite Feat. Aura - I Believe In Angels (Chillout Mix)
05 Underworld - 8Ball
06 Mahoroba - World Colours (DJ River Edit)
07 Dream Lab - Cosmotherapy*
08 Smash - Supermodel
09 Dali's Eyes - Eu Penso En Voce
10 Embee Feat. Reinis Zarins Quartet - Shibuya
11 Jaffa - Do It Again
12 Paco Fernandez - Al Lado Del Mar
13 James Ryan - Drift
14 James Ryan - Hawk Eyed
15 Cool Water Time Passing - It's Samba
16 Driza Bone Feat. Dee Heron - Real Love (Original 91 Version)

release date: 2005-10-16


The last track is close to the end, and I'm writing! First of all - the River standard is 100% realized in this compilation - top sound, top tunes, top mixing. As for the music itself, up to the middle it is a bit sad, and quite beautiful. I was thinking about a girl I like, listening to romantic jazzy tunes. Closer to the end, it turns out that life's good :P. I guess, River doesn't like to be sad all the time.

Just like me.


What can I say... It's pure bliss.

Intelligent music for people who love to live, who appreciate life and music as an integral part of it.
/Sergiy (Canada) 

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