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The Green Room

( lounge / downtempo / chillout / tranquil )


01 Lemon Jelly - His Majesty King Raam
02 I.K.L. feat. Karen - Saudade
03 Gavin Froome - After The Rain
04 Moss - Apple Pie
05 Jose Padilla - Bosaxi (Touched Mix)
06 The Cinematic Orchestra - All Things To All Men (DJ River Edit)
07 Omaya vs Lazyboy - Novo / It's All About Love
08 Chillwalker - Blue
09 Air - Universal Traveller
10 Digital Analog Band - The Call
11 Jose Padilla - Adios Ayer (Paul Daley Mix)
12 Groove Armada - Tuning In (Dub Mix)
13 Alessandro Safina - Diva Mea
14 Paul Schwartz ft. Rebecca L - Ombra (Chilled vs Original Mix)

release date: 2005-06-09


I've been listening to his mix over and over again, and just can't get enough of it.

It's simply touching me to the deepest of my heart... And such an ending, it's DIVINE, this music is just feeding my soul every time i put it on...

DJ River, the way you selected these songs, and you mixed them, I never heard anything like this before ... I almost had tears of hapiness at some moments...

Anyone who once had a bad day, or problems in his life should listen to this mix, it's the best medicine ! And for a bit more than an hour, take you to a place where your problems simply don't exist ! That's the feeling it gives me everytime i listen any of your mixes ... Traveling to other dimensions ...

/Mihai (France)

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