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The Resolver

( house / deep / trippy / progressive / trance )


01 Blank & Jones - Don't U Know (DJ River Edit)
02 Origene - Sanctuary (Harry Lemon Remix + DJ River Edit)
03 Blank & Jones - Don't U Know (DJ River Edit) [continues]
04 Cristian Paduraru - He Knows His Creation
05 Phonique - Fake it (Frankman Remix)
06 Tanzmann & Voigt - Lady Colt
07 Moonbeam - Raven Gypsy (Chris Micali Remix)
08 Chab - The Dub Session
09 Panoramix - 7 Days Of Love
10 TrackID
11 Frou Frou - Must Be Dreaming (Remix)
12 Max Graham - Tell You (Luke Fair Remix + DJ River Edit)
13 Elisa - Time (Planet Funk Mix)
14 SJunkes - If You Stay (Jose Zamora Remix)
15 Q-Lock vs Roland K. - Goliath

release date: 2006-01-08


This is an excellent start to 2006. The Resolver is a passionate exhibition of talent and control over each track, effortlessly unifying them into a stunning experience. DJ River moves the body and soul with this ebullient and extraordinary addition to his music miscellany. Returning with another intense progressive session, his ability to impress and astound remains strong, taking the listener into the sky and skimming across the surface of their senses. Truly a gift, truly an adventure....

Truly wonderful music. If you enjoyed The Reminder you will, without a doubt, love this mix!

/Timothy (USA) 

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