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The Red Room

( lounge / downtempo / chillout / tranquil )


01 Lamb - Gabriel
02 Riccardo Eberspacher feat. Giove - Freedom
03 Pochill - Violet Theme
04 Spacefish - Aerospace
05 Lila Liu feat. Djamal - The Love Supreme (Love Mix)
06 Prodoxo - Bailanduna
07 Almadrava feat. Quimi Portet - I'm Sorry
08 Nova June - Coming Home
09 Agnetha Fältskog - My Colouring Book
10 Jose Padilla feat. Seal - Adios Ayer (Fresh Mix)
11 John Martyn - Sunshine's Better (Talvin Singh Mix)
12 Guardner - N.Y.C (Edit)
13 Cottonbelly vs Trumpet Man - Don't Move
14 Kinobe - Slip Into Something More Comfortable
15 Brazilian Girls - Lazy Lover

release date: 2006-09-10


I stopped wondering a long time ago if you would reach a saturation point. Each mix of the Colored Room series has been an audio work of art. And the newest sound canvas

The Red Room takes it's place in River's Gallery. Starting with one of my favorite songs Lamb's Gabriel, DJ River proceeds in masterfully blending songs that are new to me and likely the unschooled in the US. And as the last strain of Brazilian Girls's Lazy Lover fade I take a deep breath and wonder when we will get the next "room".
/J. Anthony Spencer (USA)

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