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The Mind Expander - Part I

( ambient / deep / chillout / relaxing )


01 Brian Eno - And Then So Clear
02 Phobos - Lovers Embrace
03 Makyo - Soar Angelic
04 Seoan - Far From Paradise (Heaven Voices Mix/DJ River Edit)
05 Silent Voices - Monumenthal Dreams
06 James Ryan - Shallow
07 Brainscapes - Earth Link
08 Conjure One feat. Chemda - Damascus
09 Speachless Project - Snow Desert (Tgt Mix)
10 Jon Hopkins - Private Universe
11 Pulsar Bleu - Carpe Noctem (DJ River Edit)
12 Blank & Jones - Someone Like You (DJ River Instrumental Mix)
13 Envio - Paris (Envio's Chillout Mix)
14 The KLF vs Timo Maas - Madrugada Eterna/Bad Days
15 Sìgur Rós - Samskeyti
16 Sven Väth - Harliquins Meditation
17 Chicane - Arizona Part 2

release date: 2005-08-23


This is the only thing which spots up into my mind while hearing your CD. It is awesome, never were touched by music so deep, never was taken away from my daily life so far. When I look out the window and see all the lights of the streets, it seems to be in another world. Hey man, this music gives me a lot of ideas...have you ever thought to make a video ? That would be the "bang" together with this music...flying away into new dimensions. I love your tracks, because they are so "earthen", sounds from the ground of our hearts and planet. 
/Torsten Sieweke (Spain)

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