The Living Room

( lounge / downtempo / chillout / vocal )


01 Franki Juncaj feat. Diametric - Equatorial Soil
02 Thomas Datt & Robert Nickson - Tabla Mizma (Chilled Datt Remix)
03 A.R. Rahman - Tere Bina
04 The Daydream Club - Mightier
05 Kyte - Secular Ventures
06 Haux - Cologne
07 Hardage feat. Maxi Priest - Don't Let Me Down
08 Enigma - The Eyes Of Truth
09 Slow Dancing Society - These Are The Best Days Of Our Lives
10 Andrew Belle - When The End Comes
11 Andrew Belle - Pieces
12 The Streets - Dry Your Eyes
13 Maribou State - Glasshouses
14 KC Lights feat. Nicole Dash Jones - Change The World (Strings In Motion Mix)
15 Enigma - The Child In Us
16 Firewoodisland - Storm
17 Shallou & Emmit Fenn - All Your Days

release date: 2021-11-03

download .cue

Mix description¬

After 8 years since the last room, it's here!
The Living Room is a timeless celebration to life itself, with it's ups and downs, twists and turns. 


It's also a reflection of my life in recovery from past drug abuse. Thankfulness is my cure, and this is a tribute to life.

/DJ River (Sweden)

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