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Deep Psychedelic Trip Mix 1

( house / deep / trippy / dark beatz / trance )


01 Slusnik Luna - Sun (Kossin Mix)
02 Oforia - Big Bang (Ambient Mix)
03 Rabbit In The Moon - Deeper (Original Mix)
04 Miro - Emotions Of Paradise
05 Da Boo - Spark That
06 Salz - Dreamer
07 The Saafi Brothers - International Code Error
08 Realogic - The Door Into Darkness

release date: 2003-02-03 


Very nice atmospheric start, reminiscent of Banco De Gaia. Slowly builds up into a perfectly blended set. Paced enough for a seasoned follower of Psy and accessible enough for those who have not dabbled in the genre before. I rate this set very highly. :)
/Sephiroth (UK) 

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