Chill House Mix 1

( beach house / chillhouse / deep house )


01 Chicane - Autumn Tactics (Chicane's End Of Summer Mix)
02 South Street Player - Who Keeps Changing Your Mind (Chicane's Fresh Fruit Remix)
03 Chicane - The Drive Home (DJ River Edit)
04 Mansun - Wide Open Space (Perfecto Mix + DJ River Edit)
05 Banda Sonora - Guiarra G (Original Chill Out Mix)
06 Mettle Music Collective - Tranquility (Original Mix)
07 To-Ka Project - Two Stones Ahead (DJ River Edit)
08 Stéphane Pompougnac - Closer To Julie (DJ River Edit)
09 Richard Les Crees - Until The Day
10 Cam - Summer In Paris
11 Masters At Work feat. India - Backfired

release date: 2002-05-05


Another beautiful trip.

Recommended on subway or train transfers, a must have on your ipod.
/Davede, 23 (Italy)

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