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Chicane Anthology Vol. 1

( house / trance / dream / atmospheric )


01 BT feat. Chicane - Deeper Sunshine (DJ River Edit)
02 South Street Player - Who Keeps Changing Your Mind (DJ River DP Mix 2003)
03 Chicane - The Drive Home (DJ River Edit)
04 Chicane - Offshore (A Man Called Adam Remix)
05 Chicane - Nagasaki Badger
06 Chicane feat. Power Circle - Offshore '97
07 Chicane - Andromeda
08 Chicane feat. Mason - Strong In Love
09 Chicane - Sunstroke (Disco Citizens)
10 Chicane - Autumn Tactics (Chicane's End Of Summer Remix)
11 Chicane - Saltwater (Tomski vs Disco Citizens Remix)
12 Chicane - Love On The Run (Original Mix)

release date: 2003-09-03


As a long time Chicane fan and a DJ, I can detect the enormous amount of work and respect that has gone into this set. Absolutely stunning, DJ River; I commend you, and for you that are not yet familiar with the smooth joy that is Chicane, there is no better way to get acquainted than through DJ River's excellent composition!
/DJ Lurk (USA)

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