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Ambient Chillout Mix 6

( ambient / chillout / relaxing / soothing )


01 Ulrich Schnauss - Blumenthal
02 Chillwalker - Weed
03 Karma Frequency - Khandhalha
04 Substructure - Firewire (DJ River Edit)
05 Bliss - Breathe
06 Mind Over Matter - A Night in Mogul's Garden
07 Code Indigo - Chill
08 Code Indigo - Autumn Fades
09 John Debney - The Stoning
10 Kitaro - Moon Shadow
11 John Debney - It Is Done
12 Blank & Jones - City Of Angels
13 Bliss - Returning Home (DJ River Edit)
14 Blank & Jones - Summer Sun

release date: 2006-10-15


"Ambient Chillout Mix 6" is a different organism. And this mix, perhaps even more so than the others in the series, embodies the term "Ambient Chillout"; atmospheric to the max, totally low-key.

But what's new(er) about this mix is its progression through the ethereal, primal, and meditative. (Not TOTALLY new; some of this is apparent in AC 5.) The continuing evolution of River's sensibilities is evident; these selections create a synergistic collective experience, with deep auditory and visceral emotions.

I absolutely LOVE the recurring use of ethnic instrumentals, like the duduk in the John Debney tracks. (This instrument has been described in a 2005 proclamation by UNESCO as a "Masterpiece of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity". I've been in love with it ever since Peter Gabriel used it in "The Last Temptation of Christ".) And vocals such as that in "Returning Home" by Bliss - the simple cadence of the language provides the music and the message. Understanding the words is unnecessary.

The only unfortunate thing about this mix is that it has to end. Replay, replay again...

/Patrick Gaul, Canada

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